We bring you red on Canada Day.   Indeed we will be open from 8am to 1pm on July 1st for raspberry and blueberry U-pick.  There is no better way to celebrate Canada Day than to eat red berries with something white---like cream!  The bumper crop of raspberries  continues.  The picking is exceptional.  The berries delicious, really sweet.













The size of these berries....













Blueberries are having a great early season.  The picking is good.

Strawberries are few and far between but there are ripe ones to be found.

Bring containers and cash.

***Now taking orders for pre-picked raspberries.


You brought us sunflowers and raspberries and blueberries-----goodbye crazy June.


I may have used the word "bumper" crop to describe raspberries last season?  If so, big mistake.  Because this year is bumper.  It may be the year that ruins you for all subsequent years of picking.  It's that good.  And the raspberries so delicious. It's a tad warm out there but so worth enduring it for some fresh berries to enjoy the rest of your day.  And you have a wonderful excuse to stick your head in the freezer when you are freezing your haul of berries.  There will be a haul.  Don't delay.  They are ripening so fast it's hard to say how long the season will be.    But they are excellent now. That we know.  $3/lb.

And the blueberries, they are plentiful even in these early season days.  The bushes are turning blue as we speak.  No problem filling a bucket.  $2/lb.

Strawberries will return.  They do not love this heat.

We continue to have an unpredictable water situation at best (this is temporary) and remind you that we have no bathroom.

We are open all week from 8am to 1pm for Raspberry and Blueberry U-pick.  Closed Sunday.

It's prime time in the raspberries.  The picking is SOOOO easy because there are so many and they are so big!  You can pick bucketfuls before you even break a sweat  (despite the heat).   If  raspberries are your berries, we're your place.  We'll be open all week (but Sunday) from 8am to 1pm for Raspberry U-pick.  There's a beautiful photo of the berries.   I just have to take it.

Strawberries....they're definitely the underdog.  There are some (there always are) for the tenacious picker.  Strawberries will make there come back in a couple of weeks.  Wait, have you heard that before?  Not to mention it's hard to pick strawberries when the raspberries in the row beside you are falling into your bucket.

Oh yes!  Blueberries!  About 50 of our 600 bushes are ripe and ready for picking.  They are the Duke variety;  very large berries with a distinct flavour.  Come and pick the first of the season.  In June no less!   Not your "stock your chest freezer full picking" but "plentiful for fresh eating in June kind of picking".

June, June, June, June, June...It's all so strange.  And good.

We hope to see you in these fleeting days of June.  June!

***Important Notice

We have no water (in June already?!).  This means we have no bathroom.  Take measures before you come.    We hope to remedy the water situation by yesterday.   "Send rain.  Amen."

The raspberries are exceptional!  The days are hot!  The cool of the morning is at a premium so we will open on Sunday, June 28th from 9am to 11am for raspberry U-pick to make the most of these amazing raspberries and lovely mornings.

Not much more to add---the raspberries speak for themselves----big, abundant, easy to pick and delicious to eat on hot days.

We will be open next week from Monday to Saturday as usual.

24 hours is like a week in the world of raspberries.  A day has done wonders for raspberry ripening.  And in fact, the picking was very decent today and will be even better on Friday and Saturday and all the days forward.

Open 8:30am to noon on Friday for raspberry U-pick.  $3/lb.  Bring cash and containers.

We will be open from 8:30am to 1pm on Saturday for raspberry U-pick.

Closed on Sunday, as always.

The strawberries remain in the same state which is not a lot out there.  Half a dozen people picked buckets today but that was it.  I anticipate about the same type picking for the next couple days.

Razz on berry folks!

P.S.  My dad sneaked into the blueberry field and picked himself a bucket today.   Blueberry picking is around the corner.  I do anticipate that corner will be July but you just never know.  Much crazier things are happening this season.

Excellent pickers in the raspberries the last few days means the rows are well picked.  But...there are always more to be found, they are always ripening and so we will open Thursday from 8:30am to noon as planned.  If you prefer the easiest of picking we suggest you wait until Friday or Saturday.  A day or two of ripening does wonders for the canes which are exploding in colour more and more each day.  We will point anyone who comes tomorrow to the best rows and you are sure to go home with a good amount.

FYI  The raspberries usually produce for 4 weeks.

The strawberries on the other hand.  Not so great.  Very little red in the patch.  They are taking the break they always do at this point in the season. They'll be back.  Two to three weeks at most.  Stay tuned.

Since the strawberries are a dull conversation these days......

Windhover Farm is a wonderful place to raise a family--according to ALL the wildlife.

This new life was abandoned by it's mother (the lawnmower has everything to do with that).














Laura spent hours trying to reunite bunny with mama.  Not sure of the outcome.  But this growing rabbit family is becoming less and less welcome.  The burrows.  All the burrows.  I've become Mr(s). McGregor;  net, rakes, shovels used as javelins.  The boys with arrows, pellets,  mowers,  a trap,  kidnapped babies--nothing deters these rabbits.

Yesterday we discovered the arrival of 3 baby chipping sparrows:














The fourth egg hatched today and it's a sweet, if not precarious sight, in the raspberry row.

And then there's the doe and her young fawn.  I don't think any of us need a photo of deer as we practically have to step over them all over the Valley.

We have young naturalist friend who advises us on all our wildlife predicaments; what to co-exist with, what to remove and what to make peace with.  But all of it to observe, wonder and be reminded of the preciousness of new life, no matter how much of a nuisance.  sigh.

Berries and babies.  The days are sweet.

The raspberries in June continue to amaze us.  Big, sweet, easy to pick --all you ever needed for loading up with fresh local raspberries.

We are open all week to Saturday from 8:30am to noon for raspberry U-pick.

There are strawberries for the tenacious picker.  Very sweet and very small or very big.   Not a lot in between.  For now.  But their days have yet to come.

**We are taking pre-picked raspberry orders but no pre-picked strawberry orders at this time.

Hope to see you in the field.  It's a lovely place to be these days.



are getting us off to a great start to summer 2015!

It was an excellent first day of picking raspberries.  Lots and lots of very big, ripe raspberries out there.  I'm thinking it myself and I heard it today,  "The raspberries have never tasted so good".  Must be the bone dry soil?

The strawberry patch has been quiet the last few days which means there are strawberries to be had.  For sure.  And some good size ones too.  And this heat really sweetens them too.

We are open all week from 8:30am to noon for both strawberry and raspberry U-pick.

We are now taking orders for pre-picked raspberries.  We will likely start filling strawberry orders in a few weeks.

Cash only.  Please bring containers.



They are big, sweet and ready to be picked!  We are thrilled to open the gates on Monday, June 22nd at 8:30am to noon for the first day of raspberry U-pick.   The weekend has ripened a sea of red and the picking should be very good.  Raspberries are looking quite wonderful this year.  Wait until you see and taste them...we are excited.

$3/lb. U-pick raspberries.  $2.75/lb U-pick strawberries.

Strawberries still yes.  They remain in a lull with the June-bearers nearing the end although there a still a decent amount for picking.  The second production of the ever-bearers will begin soon and there are some to be picked now.

With the rapsberries now ripe, we should commence regular hours.  We plan to be open Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to noon.  The hours will increase once school ends.

Because SUMMER!  Happy first day of summer.  Let the picking, eating and storing of berries begin to take over our days!


We will be open Saturday, June 20th from 8:30am until 11am for strawberry U-pick.   Short hours as we will likely be picked out by noon.  The rain has not put any kind of a damper on the berries.  Rain glorious rain.

Closed Sunday.  We will open on Monday, June 22nd from 8:30am to noon for strawberry U-pick.  Annnnnnd....maybe, just maybe, raspberry U-pick too.  We'll see what the weekend does for the quickly ripening rasberries.  Just in time to bring in summer the proper way!  Check back here before coming out for raspberries.

But they'll be strawberries for sure as there are sure to be all season long.  Because those strawberries bear forever and ever.   The June-bearing strawberries  however, are nearing the end of their short and very sweet life.

Bring containers and cash.   Happy Frideeeedeeee to you!