I apologize for posting so late on Sunday.  I got caught in the vortex that is the field in a late spring evening.  It's so beautiful (and so weedy) that we stay out there until we are feeling our way back to the house in the dark.

We are going to continue with "picking by appointment" the next couple of days.  There are loads of ripe strawberries out there so don't be shy.  Email us, make an appointment to fill your buckets, and start your June off in the best way possible.

An official opening day for strawberries is not far off...we'll take it day by day.

Happy June 1st!   Thanks for checking in.   I will post again Tuesday.


The strawberry patch was well picked the last couple of days with picking by appointment.  We will not officially open on Saturday.  Stay tuned for opening days next week as they will surely happen.  Monday is quite likely.  The positive is that you now have one last weekend to finish the frozen berries in your freezer!

We can keep you in chicken and eggs in the mean time:

June-bearing strawberry plants for sale --$3 per pot of three plants

Free Range (pastured) eggs for sale at $5/dz.

Roasting Chickens $3.75/lb.  We have a range of weights including some large ones this batch.

Things are looking really good out there and we have every reason to believe that this will be an excellent berry season. And every reason to hope for some rain!














First fruits of the season.  Pretty sweet. Lucky kids.














We will post on Sunday with an update.

Have a weekend full of the beauty that is May on the coast.


...RIPE and READY!!  I suppose to break the record books and have an opening date in May we would need to open on Saturday.  We shall see.  Stay tuned.  Opening dates are an anxiety-producing call.  We are still closed but not for long.

In the mean time, we do have lots of ripe strawberries just not enough to open the gate wides open.  However, we can open the gates wide enough for a few keen strawberry U-pickers( ie. strawberry eaters of the Comox Valley and beyond who cannot stomach another strawberry the size of a peach from down south).

So this is how we are going to try and make it work with limited amounts of strawberries (soon to be much more!):  If you are keen, send us an email to make an appointment in the next couple days.  You come, you pick,  you get your berry season rolling.  And you send us into a flurry of activity because NOT READY.  Not at all.  This is unfinished, that is unfinished, everything is unweeded, unmowed.  Because this is how we are always are in May--- without a care in the world, because berries ripen in June.  Ha!    Containers?  We don't have them.  Bathroom?  Not a.  Price?  Still thinking.  It's picking in May.  Enter unchartered waters, come for the chaos and the deliciously ripe strawberries, free range eggs, and fresh from the processor today, roasting chickens.

Email with preferred time, burch@island.net, we'll email back.  Make sure we email back.   Phoning isn't so reliable.

What else can I tell you?  Wow.  We are so excited for the berry season to begin.  And so not ready.  But so excited.  Our counter is already a sea of ripe strawberries.  So mostly excited.

Strawberries, eggs, roasting chickens, farmers up to their eyeballs in drip tape---it's all here at Windhover Farm.  See you very soon.  Hopefully some of you even tomorrow.



Happy 2015 berry year that is!  Can you believe it?  It's summer!  No wait.  It's spring.  Wasn't it just fall?  What happened to winter?   Whatever the season, all that matters is "It's almost berry season!"

I'm checking in with you to say "hi" and quickly update you on berry status.

We've planted 6500 strawberry plants in last few weeks.  We've laid out irrigation.  We're watering.  We're weeding.  We're watching and we're waiting.  And before our very eyes, ripe strawberries.  So early.  Some lucky kid ate the first ripe strawberry on May 19th.  A handful today.  It's happening.  An estimate for U-pick strawberry opening?  In 2014 we opened June 10th.  Let's push that ahead a week this year and go with a very wild guess of June 3rd.   Please note the "wild guess" in that estimate.

Important to note that the majority of our strawberries are Ever-bearing.  Their main season is mid-July to September although they produce from the get-go (as in they are the ones the kids are finding ripe this week).  We have a limited supply of June-bearing.  It was the very end of June before they were ripe last year.  So let's go with mid-June for 2015 June-bearing strawberries.  They are limited and if you are storing up strawberries for the winter we recommend you plan your picking for mid-summer.  At that point you can pick raspberries and blueberries too.  Clear?  Check back here again soon.  Hopefully my "May" brain will depart and I'll begin thinking and writing clearly again.

In the mean time:

EGGS for sale at $5/dozen.   Most days in a cooler at the end of the driveway.

ROASTING CHICKENS will be available next week.

5 lb bags of 2014 FROZEN BLUEBERRIES for $15.

Potted strawberry plants for sale.  These are June-bearing and will not produce this year.

Call or email for an appointment.  We are most often in the field, buried in weeds and drip tape, these days.

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring while every day hoping for rain like we are.

Stay tuned right here for further updates, farm news and photos of some what is going on here these days.