Comox Valley!!  One last hurrah.

We will open Saturday from 9am to 11:30am for strawberry U-pick.

As long as the strawberries hang on we will be open by appointment because--- we aren't ones to turn down business (!) or deprive people of fresh berries (!)  Phone or email for a U-pick appointment.

Plus there are free range eggs and roasting chickens (soon) and 5lb bags of frozen blueberries for sale at the farm.

We've got more to say so I'll continue posting; there are pumpkins and squash in the patch waiting to be harvested and we'll be pushing eggs and chicken and frozen blueberries until our words run out...


says rain beginning Wednesday so let's pick strawberries while the sun shines!

We will open on Tuesday from 1pm to 4pm for strawberry U-pick.

We may open next Saturday depending on the weather but right now EnCan says rain.

This will be a great last chance to eat some fresh local berries.  The strawberries are delicious, the picking is easy and most importantly, no wasps.

We hope to see you!

Free range eggs too.

These are bonus days everyone!  We don't always have this kind of summer in September and oh my the strawberries.  They love this.  So take advantage of the bounty of berries--another summer dessert, an extra 10lbs of strawberries in the freezer to tide you through the winter.

We could almost pull off "a little bit California" eating berries like this in September, but no way, these are far better berries than Californian-grown ones!  One thing for sure, we can be thankful we're not Calgary this week. Nothing like eating these sun-ripened strawberries to celebrate that one.


We are open 1 to 4pm on Friday.

Open 1 to 4pm on Saturday.

Next week is by appointment. Please phone or email of your picking time.


An aside---and to show off those strawberries...

We are now the proud parents of a teenager.





























Happy 13th Gilbert.  You may not see Gilbert around the farm much as he works hard behind the scenes (and he tends to disappear when customers are here).  He's not shy with the animals though.  Gilbert is the head herdsman.  He has readily cared for 6 cows , milking one daily, and countless broiler chickens.  He keeps the berry rows mowed and we pretty much couldn't operate this farm without him...

And in white, he is a dashing, if not dirty, 13 yr. old!






We are open Wednesday from noon to 3pm for Strawberry U-pick.

We will be open Friday from 1pm to 3pm and Saturday from 1pm to 4pm.

Strawberries continue to be excellent.

The blueberries still exist but they are getting pretty ripe.  But! You have not missed out.  We have FROZEN BLUEBERRIES for sale in 5lb. bags at $4/lb. Available while quantities last.

The week of Sept. 15th to 20th we will be open by appointment only.  Call or email for your strawberry u-pick time.

We may open Saturday the 20th but please check back here.  We will see what the weather does.  Saturday the 20th, the last Saturday of summer, will be our last open day (if we do open).  Once fall starts the berries will be closed for the season.

Free range eggs & roasting chickens are available year round.  And pumpkins and squash in October.  More to come on the orange and the round.


for u-pick berries this week.  The summer that won't quit goes on and so do the berries!!

Strawberries are plentiful and delicious.

There are still blueberries to be picked.

Open Monday from 9am to noon.

Closed Tuesday

Open Wednesday, time TBA

Closed Thursday

Friday TBA

Open Saturday 12noon to 3pm

In summary: open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Also available at the farm are free range eggs and the cornucopia of vegetables.

This is the market strawberry lovers have been waiting for: low demand, high supply.  It makes for the easiest of picking.  Come pick! It's that good.

There are still a surprizing amount of blueberries on the bushes.  We can point you to the premium rows.

We are open Thursday 9am to 1pm.  Open Friday 4pm to 6pm.  Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Open at some time on Monday??  Check back on the weekend for next week's hours including Monday.

Hope to see you.















My bones say fall but my eyes tell me it's still summer because BERRIES.  My ears too because CHILDREN----around all day long and awake still at 10:10pm.

Summer is set to resume tomorrow so says the forecast.  The berries for sure know it is still officially summer.  So let's carry on with the extra-ordinary and make the most of SUMMER. The summer that just won't quit. Any which way you look at it.  Lest you forget,  summer IS berries.  Right?  Right!

Berries demand the best conditions and they are getting them this year. Strawberries in a big way and blueberries in a smaller way but still lots of berries to be picked.

We are doing a split shift Wednesday: open 9am to noon and 4pm to 7pm.

Thursday we are open 9am to 1pm.  Friday open 4pm to 6pm.

Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Open next Monday but we'll set the hours closer to the day.