Let's try that again...RAZZZPBERRIES!   Come on over.   The picking is great.  The berries are big and sweet and easy to find.   And I repeat, there are RASPBERRIES.

We will be open Thursday from 9am to 1pm for raspberry U-pick.  We will begin earlier hours soon but are unable to open before 9am tomorrow.  $3/lb.  Bring buckets and cash.

Strawberries are pick-able for the tenacious.



Ready or not the razzzzberries are ready!  They are ready in an early season sort of way.  But enough plump, sweet, ripe RASPBERRIES at your fingertips (and above and below them) to say Go!  We will be open Wednesday, July 2nd from 9am to 11am for RASPBERRY U-pick.

July 2nd!!  Wow.  We are excited.  Seeing as the strawberries....

Strawberries you ask?  They are so last week.   But there are some.  The rows are open but do not expect many.  "Very limited but available" is the best we can phrase it.  Raspberries will be your better option this week.

We are sorry that we don't know whether we will be open Thursday.  We will see how the picking goes tomorrow in the raspberries. We plan to open Thursday but stayed tuned right here.

Thanks for keeping on checking here.  See you tomorrow.