In fact there is little to report.  The status of the berries remains the same.  Excellent and Excellent.  The raspberries are continued great picking and the blueberries which have been good are just getting better each day.

The strawberries are making strides in ripening and we are beginning to pick again.  Nothing exceptional. But really, how can bucket full of strawberries not be exceptional?

We are open 8am to 1pm for raspberry and blueberry U-pick.  All days of the week but Sunday.

Thank you all for making this one heck of a berry season so far!  It really is fun times in the field.  Join us!


The heat is on and so are the berries.  The super-duo, the terrific tandem, call it what you will, raspberries and blueberries are full on and basking in the sun.  Picking conditions for both are superb.

We are open all week from 8am to 1pm for RASPBERRY and BLUEBERRY U-pick.  Closed Sunday.

Have a lovely summer evening and good night's sleep and we hope to see you in the morning for some great picking.

*Free Range Eggs and Roasting Chickens also available.

Many of you have noticed the bridge closure sign for the Dove Creek Rd. bridge.  Not to  worry.  It is closed between 7pm and 4am only so as not to interfere with berry hours.  Or so I assume.  Because once you cross that bridge,  you are in berry mecca.  Three wonderful berry farms lined up in a row along the Dove Creek Road.  And now is the perfect time to casually write--we are the MIDDLE farm.  The one with the unprofessional hand-painted signs. We are specially situated between the two other berry farms.   And there you have the most up to date bridge closure and road information.  Carry on.

Both Raspberries and Blueberries. Oh my!   Lots of berries wherever you turn.  The blueberries are plentiful already. It has never been so easy picking raspberries.  It's a dream! You won't be disappointed.  Maybe a little warm but not disappointed.  Bring a hat and water and an afternoon plan to get wet.  So rewarding after filling your buckets with berries.

We are open from 8am to 1pm Monday to Saturday for U-pick.  Hope to see you!



...she'll take a picture before gobbling the pie up with her family.  Thank you kind friend for the raspberry pie and for putting the gourmet into the raspberries falling off the canes---and for an excuse to showcase a quick mornings pick of big, delicious berries.














And those raspberries continue to amaze us with the bumper crop of 2014.  There's no letting up. Full on bumper.  (And soon I will come up with a different superlative).

I need to have more superlatives at the ready because we're about to start talking blueberries.  Heavy laden bushes which just need a couple days more ripening.  Stay tuned.  Maybe Saturday??

Open Friday and Saturday from 8:30am to 1pm.  We  will open at 8am on Saturday as we realize the temperature is rising.

U-pick raspberries---'tis the season!


2014 continues.  It's a world of raspberries out there.  We're open from 8:30am to 1pm this week. Closed Sunday.

This berry season is extra-ordinary in all sorts of ways and so I won't predict how long the raspberries will last.  (Typically 3-4 weeks).   I can say with certainty that today they're plentiful and extra big.  They do deserve a photo which I'll work on.

News about blueberries and strawberries coming soon.

I am not using "bumper crop" lightly when I'm talking raspberries.  I'm not even sure where the term "bumper crop" comes from. (If anyone knows, I'd love to hear).   But if bumper crop means bumper to bumper berries I'm using the term correctly.  You know bumper to bumper cars when you can't see the road for the cars?  Well you can't see the canes or the rows for the ripe raspberries.  Mowing has become impossible because RIPE RASPBERRIES.  Every which way you look (although up and under is still always the most rewarding).

That is what I'm popping in to post today.  Because today I went picking  myself and it was a bit overwhelming in a wonderful way.

We are open all week from 8:30am to 1pm for raspberry U-pick.  Closed Sunday.

Bring buckets and cash.  $3/lb .



The weather is supposed to return to shine on Monday making it an exceptional day to pick yourself (and your friends and neighbours)  some raspberries.  We will be open from 8:30am to 1pm for Raspberry U-pick Monday to Saturday this week.  All going well as we expect it will.  Please check here to confirm and to find updates about picking.  There is no slowing down these raspberries.

This season looks to be a bumper crop of berries.  Have I said that previous years?  I don't think so.  If I did, I didn't mean it.  This year I mean it.  Unless of course next year's crop is even more bumper.  Whatever the case, things are REALLY very good out there.    Raspberries galore,  blueberries soon and strawberries soon.  The focus this week will be RASPBERRIES and they are definitely worth a focus.

See you in the canes!

*Pastured eggs and roasting chickens also available at the farm.

We're on a roll.  The raspberries are on a roll.  The long awaited for summer is rolling along. We are open for raspberry U-pick on Friday from 9am to 1pm. The picking is good and buckets full o' raspberries are a good way to begin the weekend.

Strawberries remain the same status as they have been all week.  Available in a limited way.  A bowl of strawberries may be a nice addition to your bucketful of raspberries.  Raspberries have the upper hand this week.

Hope to see you.