continue. Last day of July berry bliss with all three berries for the picking.  Excellent picking in the blueberries.  The raspberries are amazingly good after a month long run.  Come now for ease of picking them.  And strawberries are making the comeback we've been waiting for.

Happy days in the field;  Blueberry pickers are happy.  Strawberries pickers are happy and raspberry pickers are relieved to know they haven't missed out yet.

Open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 1pm for U-pick. Open holiday Monday.

We'll be switching our tune around here and highlighting blueberries.  Because Loaded Bushes!

Somehow the blueberries are not so photogenic (it's not the photographer. of course.  or the fact pictures were taken well after the sun went way down).  But let's throw a couple of pics in the post to attempt to show you how good the crop is.  Better in person for sure!









































600 blueberry bushes all ripe for the picking....

Oh how we loved you and we loved you well July. You brought us sun and berries and rain at just the right time and berries.  I am always sad to see this month end and there's no pretending its not.  Thanks to those darn crickets, the month is ending with a constant CHIRP.  Thankfully August will continue to be all about berries.    There is much to look forward to berry-wise.  Loads of sweet, big blueberries to keep picking  and the comeback of the strawberries.  And raspberries too of course.  The never-giving up berries of this summer.  However, today raspberries are officially downgraded from excellent picking to good.  Worth picking but not falling into buckets as they have been all month.  Come this week for raspberries.  We don't expect great things from them next week.

We are open 8am to 1pm Monday to Saturday.  Closed Sunday.  We will be open on the holiday Monday.  We hope to see you in the next few days so you don't find yourself berry-less over the long weekend!

And because raspberries are no longer as photo-worthy, I'll post a picture of Huckle in his first 30 minutes, the first day of July.  A special start to a wonderful month.

~And thank you for making it the awesome month it was Windhover Farm customers.















in both raspberries and blueberries so yes, nothing new to report. Open 8am to 1pm Monday to Saturday for U-pick for Rasp, Blue and Straw-berries.

We will open for an evening pick on Wednesday, July 30th from 6pm to 8pm------to pick as the sun sets, in the cool of the evening but mostly, to make sure you have an opportunity and a last chance at the awesome raspberries.

Barefeet, beaches, blankets, books, and most of all BERRIES all make for a fantastic summer.  Do not forget the berries!

And breakfast for a birthday boy makes summer around here too.














But it wasn't until the cake that we got the real smile.  And that smile is because of Oreos not MORE raspberries.

Summer has returned! And late July is dependably awesome for berry-picking.  This year is no different.  All three berries; RASPBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, and STRAWBERRIES to pick this week.

Last good week for raspberry picking.  We are getting to those "now or never" days for raspberries.  Don't delay.  Especially since it is still excellent picking.

3 weeks left for Blueberries and they are peaking.  It's pretty excellent out there in the blueberries.

Strawberry picking is steadily improving and our expectation is that August will be all about strawberries.

August....egats!  By the end of this week we will be welcoming August.  The crickets tell the story as they chirp the glorious month of July away.

We are open 8am to 1pm Monday to Saturday. We look forward to seeing you this week.

Barbara came up from the field today with a quote a berry farmer would totally latch on to and quote over and over, "Best berry picking day ever..." .  Not sure if she meant in her entire life or best picking during her years picking at Windhover Farm.  I'll go with EVER.  Right Barbara?  Barb is here often so she knows what she's talking about.

In the raspberries---fantastic.  In the blueberry bushes----excellent.  Getting better in the strawberries.

Don't miss out on the "best ever"!  Eat a lot of berries.  It's that season and it's a good one.

Open 8am to 1pm Saturday.  Closed Sunday.

The rain has refreshed rather than put a damper on berry ripening.  The berries are glistening and the picking is excellent in both the raspberries and blueberries.  We all know the rain is/was  needed.  That means we can simply press refresh(!) and carry on with the amazing summer we're having---especially if it is a summer that involves a lot of berry picking!

We highly recommend blueberries and raspberries and being patient just a little while longer for the strawberries that are flowering and ripening as we speak.  The raspberry canes are laden with ripe berries and it is easy picking in the blueberry bushes.  One week left for raspberries.  Possibly 3 weeks for blueberries.

We are open 8am to 1pm for blueberry and raspberry U-pick Monday to Saturday.  Closed Sunday.  We are planning some evening picking next week so stay tuned for that.

and no strawberries for the next couple of days.  They have been well picked the last couple of days.  The strawberries need a few days to ripen.  We expect they'll be some to pick possibly on Friday and for sure Saturday.

Raspberries continue to be EXCELLENT.  The picking is as easy as it gets and the berries are delicious as ever.

The blueberries are coming along well.  The picking has been great this week.  We expect to upgrade the picking to excellent soon!

We are open 8am to 1pm Monday to Saturday.

We look forward to seeing you soon.  Sooner rather than later for raspberries!  And later if you are only interested in strawberries.  But we think this is the perfect time of year to switch your berry allegiance from strawberries to raspberries.  (hint, hint)

We can't emphasize enough how loaded these raspberries canes are. Maybe we CAN over-emphasize and you are tired of hearing about the bumper crop?  Take heart.  I can almost assure you we won't be emphasizing the raspberries in a week or 10 days.  So allow us to gush on this week when they are at their peak. Yes at their peak!  And that's saying something because they've been great from the get-go.   A week or 10 days at most and they will begin their decline.

I doubt these photos do them justice but let me attempt.
























































And blueberries and strawberries too.  Both steadily ripening each day.  The picking is good.  But because blueberries and strawberries have a many weeks to go, we'll be flying the flag of the raspberries this week.

Open Monday to Saturday 8am to 1pm for U-pick of the trio of RASPBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES AND STRAWBERRIES.  Aaaaah.....late July is the berry best!

All is well in the field.  Raspberries galore.  Blueberries are not yet at their premium picking stage but there are lots, the picking is good and the blueberries are large.

Strawberries are beginning to make an appearance again.  The patch is open for picking.  Don't expect peak picking conditions but they're as tasty as ever.  And we love when the trio of berries is sun-ripening together!

We are open Friday and Saturday from 8am to 1pm.  Rain and shine.  Closed Sunday.

I think we are due for a photo.  Albeit a blurry and unedited one.

A sample of the raspberry goodness coming off the fields this morning.