We are keeping you on your toes!  FRIDAY we will be open for strawberry U-pick from 12 noon to 4pm. You diligent pickers are picking the rows clean each day and so a couple of days is needed for ripening as the season gets going.  This means we will be closed on the weekend and open on Monday, June 16th.  Thank you for your patience as we determine open days and hours. And thank you for keeping on checking on the updates here.

It is wonderful to see you at the farm and great to see buckets being filled with the red sweetness of early summer.  With a good start to the strawberry season,  we are looking forward to the months ahead with the prospect of an exceptional berry season.  All buckets on deck!  See you Friday.

Strawberry picking was very good this weekend.  We will open on Tuesday from 1pm to 5pm for u-pick.

All going well in the ripening department , we will be open on Thursday and Saturday as well.  Please keep checking here for frequent updates.

Please bring containers and cash!

At this time we are not filling any orders for pre-picked strawberries.

Roasting Chicken ($3.75/lb) and Free Range Eggs ($5)  also available.


The day has arrived when we can fling open the gates!  The strawberries are ready for the picking we announce with (picture it):  hooting and hollering and fist-pumping and faces dripping in strawberry juice!!

The farm in general will be looking a little NOT READY but hopefully you can make a bee-line for the field and not look too closely at everything else.  Promise?  Okay great.  Come with your buckets and your cash.  Our berry basket order has yet to arrive so there is very little on hand in the way of containers.

The hours this week (to get things started in an odd sort of way)  will be afternoon hours.  Friday and Saturday 1 to 5pm. Next week will be morning hours and maybe a few afternoon tossed in for variety.  Days and times TBA depending on supply so stayed tuned and check here regularly.

The June-bearers are not yet producing so this is the  "Seascape" and the "Tristars" ever-bearers you will be picking to begin with.  The June-bearers look like they will be at least another week.

To find us check out our contact page for a google map.

As we patiently wait for the berries to ripen, why don't I do a couple of  farm livestock posts this week.

We woke up to this wee surprize lying in the field on a gusty May morning.  Not such a surprize as Molly delivered on her due date.  It was thrilling for us all to watch the calf take her first steps and soon begin nursing.














The photo below gives her name away,














Buttercup she is.  She is curious and full of mischief which means fences mean nothing to her.  The chickens have been quite happy that she has pulled down all their fencing.  Their range is now exceptionally free.

We are swimming in milk and gulping up the novelty of it as Gilbert has handily learned to milk.  And another calf is on the way....we need to quickly learn some homesteading skills like butter-making.

On to the more important matter at hand which is STRAWBERRIES. Soon and very soon.  A week or less even?  Get your buckets ready.

{It  is important to note that the picking in June will be more limited than it is later in the summer.  As we grow ever-bearing strawberries, this is a "pre-crop".  Ever-bear=bear all summer long.  But the main production will come in August and September.  There is no brief 3 week season that you must get all your strawberries picked.  Never-the-less, there is really nothing better than the first strawberries in early summer so well worth getting the buckets ready for}.