The photo above is the typical extent of our strawberry demand.  A couple of snacking  kids.  If you have made the trek out to the farm, you know the demand is much higher these days.  And you know too that supply is not meeting the demand.  We are grateful about how gracious and understanding you all are about the supply.  So many pickers and only so many strawberry rows.  We so wish we had the supply. Boy do we wish for that!  For veteran readers of this website you know well my posts in August begging people to come and pick strawberries.  Good 'ole days those.  NOT.

We will be open Monday for strawberry U-pick from 9am to 11am.  There are June-bearers but they are coming to an end. This will likely be their last week.   There are everbearing too.  This years plants are ripening and decent for picking.  The everbearing rows we have been picking all June are between crops.  Still some berries to pick but they are also flowering again for their second crop.

We will probably open again on Wednesday. And probably Friday. And probably raspberries in a week. Please note my heavy use of the word probably. Always check here first.

Barring some catastrophic weather (like rain) or catastrophic pest problem (like wasps), late July into August promises excellent strawberry picking.

We are not taking any orders for picked strawberries. Our quota is full at this time.

Enjoy your Sunday and we will see you soon.

We're going to go all crazy on you and open both Friday and Saturday 9am to 11am for strawberry U-pick.  Two days is better than one and there are delicious strawberries to be picked.

Hopefully this means that everyone will have strawberries to celebrate July 1st, summer, a long weekend or whatever excuse we use to make and eat delicious desserts.

We are closed Sunday and all going as I predict, we will be open Monday at 9am as well.  But check here first!

And maybe I will be eating these words but by next weekend we'll be picking raspberries?!!  I definitely won't mention that we found a handful of wipe blueberries yesterday. Because that is clearly ridiculous in June.

Y'all took heed of my words from yesterday's post---you needn't take me so seriously! Ripe strawberries remain in the field after this morning's pick even with everyone filling their buckets. This bodes will for our next open day which will be Wednesday, June 25th from 9am to noon. The picking will/should be very good.  The June-bearers are gaining ground each day and new ever-bearing strawberry rows are ripening.  The tide is turning with more consistent production happening.  I fully expect we will be open Friday too if not sooner.

We're coming up to a long weekend and no one needs to be left berry-less on a long weekend.


Yes, strawberries indeed. But they continue in their limited way.  So we will open for two hours only for strawberry U-pick, Monday from 9am to 11am.  It is likely we will be picked out before closing so don't doddle getting here.  Good news is that we will likely open again on Wednesday (but please check here first).

The good, good news is that there is still two months plus of strawberry picking ahead.

The even better news is that we are finding/eating ripe raspberries. Glory be!  So yeah, great for raspberry lovers but great for strawberries pickers too.  Ripe raspberries means we will be open regular hours from there on out. Regular hours means you can come when you can with those strawberries rows  there for the picking.

Crystal clear?  Probably not but we're here for the explaining when you come to pick---to the best of our limited ability.

*Bring buckets and cash.

*Remember no pre-picked berry orders at this time.

*Free Range/Pastured eggs and frozen roasting chickens available

We are excited we can welcome SUMMER with an open day!  We will be open Saturday from 9am to 11:30am for strawberry U-pick.  The June-bearers are ripening well. They are huge.  And the ever-bearers continue to be the dependable berries they always are.

Only half of the rows are producing at this point although the other rows are beginning to ripen which is very exciting.    You may not get the haul for your winter jam but we hope to see you tomorrow so you can begin your summer the proper way---with a delectable strawberry dessert.  The longest day of the year deserves something special.

Next open day?  Stay tuned right here on Sunday for an update.



The open-close-close-open-close-close-open pattern continues.  We are planning to open on Saturday but we will confirm that RIGHT HERE on the website on Friday when we have  good idea of ripening.  So please, be persistent and check back here for an update on Friday about strawberry U-pick on Saturday.

It was a great day of picking in the field today.  The June-bearing strawberries are now producing. Very big, very sweet berries coming out of the fields.  And plenty of little ones too!    I was told today the strawberries are well worth a sore back and some dirty knees and obviously some patience.  So there you have it....

We are so appreciative of you understanding the early season unpredictability of strawberry ripening.  Every day is new and different and full of hope when you're waiting for berries.  Thanks for being part of the adventure.





U-pick strawberries on Wednesday. We will be open 9am to noon.    If you are looking for quick picking of  many bucket loads for jam we suggest you wait until August.  Only one third of our strawberry rows are producing at this point.  The berries are at their early season best ie. delicious for late spring desserts and snacks and fresh berries for breakfast.   But the real load will come mid-summer when you can pick 5 lbs in less than 10 minutes.  Not this week.

However! The fresh pastured eggs and frozen chicken are unlimited.  Pick some up while you are here.

See you in the strawberry patch!

We had hoped to be open Monday but the ripening is not adequate.  Those June-bearers are taking their time.  Wednesday is the most likely next opening unless something exceptional happens tomorrow.

We are NOT open Monday. Stay tuned.  We will most likely open Wednesday unless of course we open Tuesday.

But the rain is welcome, strawberries are on their way, 'twas a lovely Sunday in the Comox Valley and three full months of strawberries and more to look forward to.   Lots to smile about.

See you soon.

Hi!  Strawberries are not ripening as quickly as we hoped.  Hours Friday, June 13th are limited to 12 noon to 2pm.  We are pretty sure the rows will be picked out within a couple of hours.  Sorry to change things up on you.

The good news is that the June-bearers are ripening.  There will be some picking in those rows tomorrow and most certainly good picking in them by Monday.  That is our plan---to open Monday but please stayed tuned here.  At this point it is still mostly the ever-bearers rows for picking.

The ups and downs of the early season keep us....on our toes and hence you too.  Thanks  for your patience.