It being the last day of summer and a lot of rain to boot, it is a good day to call it a wrap on the strawberry season.  It was a wonderful berry season and we thank you whole-heartily for making it so.  Your dedication to making the extra effort to pick  local, fresh fruit in season and bringing with you buckets and smiles and cash(!), makes this all possible.  We are ever grateful. It is a blessing to grow food and be keepers of the soil but truly, the best part of the job is connecting with wonderful people all summer long.   There a plenty of tasks in the rows in the off-season but it's dull when not alive with the activity of berry pickers.

Soon we will be heading out to the pumpkin patch to harvest pumpkins and squash.  I will be posting soon about that.  They are sold from a wagon at the end of the driveway.

We hope you have a lovely fall, winter and spring enjoying the frozen fruits of your labour.   Moreover, we hope we see many of you out here for pumpkins, squash, frozen roasting chickens and eggs.

We are slowly winding down the season.  For the next couple of weeks  we are open by appointment. Give us a call,  338-7750 or email,  to arrange a picking time.   The strawberries are not over until.......we have days of torrential rain and cold or until the wasps eat every last one of the strawberries.  And try as they might, we are still picking a good share of the ripe ones.  Share!? Arghhh!

We are taking small orders of pre-picked strawberries.  Because that plague of wasps?  We go to battle with every last one of them for the ripe berry.

Looking beyond the berries, in a couple of weeks it will be squash and pumpkin season.  When the posts become a blur of pumpkin photos you'll know it's time.  We sell them right here at the farm gate along with frozen roasting chickens for $3.75/lb and pastured eggs for $4/dz.

Chicken and eggs avalaible now and mostly always.

They're continuing in their excellent way as they do in September.  The wasps are partaking of the strawberry goodness but there are still loads for the picking.  In fact, the wasp factor is not nearly as bad as it was last week and we are reclaiming the patch! The wasps are filling up and flying/dying  out is my guess/hope.  The days of fresh local berries in 2013 are numbered.  Come while you can...

We are open Friday and Saturday 9am to 1pm. Closed Sunday.

Around the garden (because who needs another photo of stawberries) on a lovely September day.



















































































We are already planning next year's will be much, much smaller.  And much less weedy, of course.  Because never again am I going to spend my summer forcing people to take home cucumbers.  If you'd like to make and store up bread and butter pickles for the winter, we are the people to see.

They're still producing like they should in September!   I'm at a rare loss for words so will quickly write----we are open 9am to 1pm Wednesday to Saturday this week.

In 2 weeks we will likely call it a season.

"Pick strawberries while the picking is still good" are the words I leave with you tonight.