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Decisions, decisions.  It is a difficult call as to whether the raspberries are ready again but to be on the safe side, so everyone is pleased with the picking, we will remain closed, Saturday, July 5th. We will DEFINITELY  be open Monday, July 8th with the raspberries ready to roll----right into your buckets!    Sorry to delay again.

No idea about the strawberries.  The more often I predict ripening,  the more I realize I don't always have a clue.  But the strawberries will return.  You have not missed them.  There are lots of blossoms.  I saw my kids in the patch today and this is always a good sign that things are going on.  P.S. They are scouting in the blueberries these days too.

See you Monday.

Hope you are keeping up with the ever changing status of the berries.  We will be CLOSED Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th for ripening.  The raspberries were well picked  the last couple of days. Thank you for coming and picking the first raspberries of the season. With this beautiful weather, they shouldn't take long to ripen and we will move into "officially" open status.  Soon!  We can't wait.

I am uncertain whether we will open on Saturday for raspberry u-pick so please check back for an update.


For tomorrow we have early season raspberry picking again.  We will be open from 9am to noon on Tuesday, July 3rd. I think (!) everyone who picked raspberries today went home pleased.  It was not disappointing ---as a bucket of raspberries never is.  But it is not 'high' season yet.

Raspberries are $2.75/lb.  Remember your containers.  Ours are 50 cents to purchase.

Not sure what happened here? The rain is a good guess. The strawberries are struggling along for the time.  They will return.  Not sure when. There are lots of blossoms so could be soon.  And for sure they will have a second season in August and September.  DO NOT GIVE UP on strawberries.  Just switch berries while you wait...

Yes raspberries are making their entrance.  So we are having an unofficial, limited opening tomorrow.  Don't know what that means?  Nor do I.  Except that there are lots of raspberries, just not tons yet.  What I might be trying to say is, you can easily fill a bucket for a dessert or a week of delicious breakfasts.  You just can't fill your freezer for the winter with these berries.  Yet.  The "official" opening is a matter of days away though.  So come and get a jump on and the first taste of the season tomorrow.  Just unofficially and limited--if you know what I mean!

We will open from 9am to 12 noon Tuesday for raspberries and the die-hard strawberry picker is welcome to the patch too.  It's July 2nd tomorrow.  I am wowed.