raspberries.  Because today I want to talk raspberries.  After eating the first few ripe raspberries 2 weeks ago, I had high hopes, and a dose of delusion, that with the extraordinary spring, we'd be picking raspberries before July hit.  I failed to consider the possibility of more than week of rain which has included downpours.  Raspberries do not like downpours.  It seems it will be an ordinary year with raspberries beginning in July, although earlier than last year's start date of  July 9th.  For sure.  We are days away from the beginning of raspberries and a little sun will make that a very few days.  I have confidence no idea but lots of hope!

Whatev' on the raspberries. I need to be steering you in the direction of strawberries for the time being. Not as delicate as raspberries and more able to withstand the wet.  They are there in their tidy little rows ripening away despite the November weather.








We are open 10am to 2pm Friday and SATURDAY. Closed on Sunday.  Open Monday.

We do sell pre-ordered we-picked berries. $4.00/lb for strawberries.

$2.50/lb u-pick.  Bring your buckets and an umbrella.  Actually, no umbrellas.  It's hard to pick with an umbrella in your hand.

That's about as creative as it gets for a post title at 10pm.   I must check in though and let you all know that although it may be a bit drizzly out there, the strawberries love it.  They keep producing like there's no tomorrow. But there is a tomorrow and one in which you might like to pick strawberries!  They are big and beautiful and will brighten a grey day. You may even enjoy nature's misting as you pick in the field. (It's not even muddy out there).

We are open this week from 10am to 2pm . Hours likely to expand once school is out.  Call for an appointment if 10-2 does not work for you.


FANTASTIC STRAWBERRY PICKING. Plan some picking into your weekend.  A great way to welcome summer because summer is officially here!  In the gentle and subtle way it makes its' entrance on the coast.  The berries completely ignore subtle and gentle.  They are full on.

We will be open Saturday, 9am to 2pm.    Closed on Sunday.  Open again Monday.

Remember to bring your containers.





















Summer is strawberries and sand.  Or sand-covered strawberries, depending on your age.

Our official first day of being open for the 2013 berry season will be Monday, June 17th for u-pick strawberries.  We are thrilled to be starting the season three days earlier than last year.  I'd say it means we are in for an extraordinary season!

Hours will vary for the rest of June until we hit high season in July when all three berries are in production.  We plan to open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and maybe Saturday from 10am to 2pm.  Check back here regularly for updates as there a many variables affecting whether picking is okay or excellent.  The strawberry picking tomorrow will be excellent.

This is the beginning of about a three week strawberry season (emphasis on the 'about') .  The  berries slow down in mid-July until early August when they go back into high production again until late September.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and in the three months ahead.

















Everett got an early start planting peas this spring.  Clearly early, as he is wearing a Canucks jersey which means he was putting those seeds in the ground way back when the Canucks were still in the playoffs.  The peas are doing well (the ones the dog has not slept on) but we haven't seen that jersey since that very quick Canuck playoff run.  Going down early, hopefully those hockey players realized that being finished in April meant they still had plenty of time to plant a garden. Ha!

Since I mentioned hockey, here's my chance to post this photo---- maybe the only highlight of the playoffs for this family:
















But that was then and you're here to find out about strawberries not hockey.  Check back here on Sunday as it is likely we will be opening early next week.  Hours will be 9am to noon to begin. It continues to look very good out there.  Dig out that shortcake recipe. The time is near!

Here we are getting a good start on the growing year.  Because remember April?  How very lovely it was.

A fresh slate or patch of dirt as the case here, is always exciting.   And now, 6 or 7 weeks later, these fields look very different.










































These photos will look very similar to last year; dirt, red tractor, the chickens debugging the field, and black plastic.  Except for this.  This kid, all of 65lbs of him, is at the wheel of that tractor.  He's the pro boss--y.  Let me tell you, I know. Gilbert spent hours pulling his parents behind the tractor as we lay on our stomachs, necks arched, taking his instruction to lay out the plastic.  Gilbert will tell you, I quickly went back to being boss once those strawberries were planted!  His help is indispensable.






























Those are the before photos.  The fields are now  full with food---and weeds.  I'll post  the after photos next time.

A week.  I'm thinking next week we may open the gates.  If you want a jump on the season this week, give us a call/email.  There are strawberries enough for a couple of u-pickers each day.

The price is the same as last year,  $2.50/lb.

More updates to come!















As in we are just about to embark on the 2013 berry season.  Everything is new and lush and growing like crazy out there.  Moreover, the strawberries are ripening and I haven't even written the "Here we are planting strawberries" post, the  "Setting up the irrigation" post, the "Weeding" post, the "More weeding" post, the "Dandelions are taking over" post.  Move over dandelions, there is red in the field and we're going straight to the "We may be open sooner rather than later" post.  No exact date set for opening but possibly 10 days?  Who knows?   The weather has been cooperating so far and if it keeps up, well please, make some plans to pick the first strawberries of the season here at Windhover Farm.

Following our lead, you should be madly eating  the frozen berries left in your freezer.  It is time to make room.  I know, I know.  It does feel like we just put Christmas decorations away. But alas, it is June 4th and the season is fast approaching.

Clearly, I've been slacking in the website updating department.  It's been busy out their in field with many a post written in my head but never making it to screen.   I plan to update regularly so check back sooner rather than later.  Photos, hours, happenings, chitchat, and this and that to come!  Thanks for checking in. We look forward to seeing you soon.