Labour Day Weekend Hours are:

Open Saturday, Sept. 1st from 8am to 1pm.  Closed Sunday. Open Monday 9am to 1pm.

If you are sticking around home for the long weekend, berry picking is a great way to welcome September.  Have I mentioned how excellent the strawberry picking is?  Blueberries to be picked too.  Make the most of the late summer bounty.

The late summer brings an abundance of  local food.  Eating good food is really easy and can even be overwhelming at this time year.  Will it be a tomato salad,  peaches and basil, pizza with roasted peppers, roasted any vegetable, corn,  bean salad?  So we keep it simple around here and make pie the priority.  Because you just can't eat pie like this in January.















Open Friday from 9am to 4pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm. We still have blueberries if you prefer your pie on the blue side.

We have to close a little early Thursday, August 30th as we are welcoming 5000 chicks to the farm tomorrow afternoon.  Hours for blueberry and strawberry picking are 9am to 1pm tomorrow.  Regular hours Friday.

Under the bridge
And over the dam
Looking for berries
Berries for jam
Three berry
Four berry

from Jamberry by Bruce Degen

The status of blueberries and strawberries remains pretty much the same as the last couple of posts.  Blueberries=pick them now. Strawberries=enough for you and all your friends and family! Don't forget about the STRAWBERRY SALE. See the previous post for details

We are open Wednesday, August 29th from 9am to 3:30pm.  Open Thursday to Saturday at 9am too.


Berries, berries, blah, blah, blah. Let's take a late-August look at some more interesting things growing on the farm...















Indigo Rose tomato













Real cantaloupe. Very exciting.














Almost orange




























This kid grew a foot this summer. The oats grew well too.













The kid grew faster than the corn which isn't so great.  We're still waiting on it.  Our waiting might be in vain.

Hope to see you this week.





I am going to sound like a broken record for the next few weeks,  "Lots of strawberries. Crazy amounts. Come and pick"

To celebrate this bounty we are offering a special.  Yes, even farms have sales.  Strawberries are $2.50/lb.  If you pick 15 lbs or more the price is $2.00/lb.  If you pick over 25 lbs the price is $1.75/lb.  There were a few customers today who quickly picked 35 lbs.  It's that easy (and fun) to fill your freezer for the winter.  This is not a blow-out sale/clearance.  No no.  These strawberries still have another few weeks.  There are plenty still to come; lots of blossoms and ones to ripen.

Blueberries still available.  Plenty remain to pick but just not the same league as the strawberries these days.

We are no longer taking blueberry orders but we are taking orders for strawberries.

We are open 9am until close this week.

We are open Monday, August 27th to Friday the 31st at 9am. We will update about weekend hours later in the week.

Phenomenal picking in the strawberries. They are at their peak. Still plenty of blueberries out there but this may be their last week.  If the weather holds, the strawberries have three more weeks.  One week until school but officially there are four more weeks of summer!   The weather is looking bright. This should be an excellent week to get out and stock up on the after-school snack supply of berries.

Look forward to seeing you in the field.

We don't appreciate our staff as much as we thought!! And so we WILL open Friday, Augut 24th from 9am to noon. Excellent picking, lovely picking weather and happy staff will make it a fine day to come out and pick. We hope to see you.  Blueberries $2/lb. and Strawberries $2.50/lb.  You can fill an icecream bucket full of strawberries in 10 mins.  Really!  They are in their prime and more than beautiful.

We are open Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

Don't forget the Fall Fair is on this weekend at the Exhibition Grounds.   Always a great way to spend part of the weekend.


The summer days march on but we will eat them up with everything we love about summer....

sand in toes

iced coffee

eating outside

picking flowers

laying on the grass

the river

sleeping with windows wide open

and best of all, picking berries(!)

oh and more fruit pie.  Definitely more pies.


Join us in the field.  Excellent blueberry picking and even more excellent strawberry picking. Loads of blue and red out there.  It's a good time to start thinking about what you want in your freezer for the winter.

We are open Wednesday and Thursday at 9am.  We will be closed this Friday (staff appreciation day!!) and open Saturday at 8am.




You'd think that filling your face with berries all summer long would be the best thing about running a berry farm.  It's pretty sweet but the very best thing about berry farming is you, the customers. I'm not sure how all the nicest people on the island end up picking berries here but they do.   In saying this, we do have our favourites.  For sure we do.  It all started when "Florence" came to pick strawberries early this summer. Florence is 87.  Her daughter brought her out and they picked and picked until Florence's hip began to act up and Florence knew it was time to call it a day.  Then there's 85 yr. old "Pauline".  She's come to pick countless times this year. Picking for herself, her son, her sister-in-law, her neighbour.  She spends hours out in the field picking. She's been doing it her whole life and it shows.  She's agile and strong and a worker.   Pauline knows how to get it done out there.  A family of nine visiting from Hawaii were a delight.  Six of them over 80 years old.  One over ninety.  They were thrilled picking berries not grown in the tropics.  After spending the weekend at Music Fest, Janine (83) and her sister came to pick raspberries.  Ross beats all of the above in age.  He is 97.  He had just moved to Comox two days earlier when he came out with his wife and daughter to pick.  It was a scorcher of an afternoon but he would take no chair or offer of water.  Picking berries was his mission.  Will I be picking berries in 40 years?  I hope so.  I'm thinking the consumption of berries is the key to the excellent health and wisdom of these pickers.  So I'll continue to fill my face.  The real pleasure though is in meeting these special customers, their love of good food and their can-do attitude.  They have inspired me this summer.

It's a pleasure.  Thank you. Keep coming young and old.

We are open Monday to Thursday at 9am this week.  We will be closed on Friday and open at 8am to 1pm Saturday, August 24th.

My guess is 10 to 14 days left of blueberry picking. At least four more weeks of strawberries.  Both continue to be excellent.


in the berry patch.  The strawberries are practically jumping into buckets and the blueberries too.  We are open Monday to Friday this week from 9am until 4pm.  Saturday hours are 8am to 1pm. Remember to bring your buckets and your cash(!)  No debit or credit cards.

I am finally at a loss for words. That is the brief update until later this week.

PS  We like kids.  A lot .  As evidenced by the troop we  live with.  But please parents, give your children a gentle reminder and training to be gentle with our blueberry bushes ie. no shaking or stepping on branches.  Thank you in advance for helping to make it a happy and long-term place for kids to pick.