We are sorry to report that the strawberries were picked out today and we will be closed for ripening until Monday, July 9th. The good news is that we may be open for raspberry picking on Monday??  Only the sunny days will tell what happens on the canes but here's hoping!  A duo of strawberries and raspberries for certain some time next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

We are open July 6th at 9am.   Stock up on berries for the sunny, warm weekend ahead.  We will be open Saturday, July 7 too.

I'm also popping in to tell you that our June-bearing strawberries are now in full production.  They are SWEET!  This also means that 3/4 of the berries are now producing and so there are loads of the big, red, ripe ones out there.

Strawberries are $2.50/lb.

The chickens and the eggs are also available at the farm today.





We are open for strawberry picking, Monday, July 2nd at 9am.  There are lots of ripe ones out there.  We look forward to seeing you.

And although I don't have a photo to prove it, the raspberries are ripening! Very exciting.  We're a lot surprized too.  I was thinking that raspberries would be ready about the same date as last year, July 17th, but it's looking like there will be picking much earlier.  I'm often wrong though.   But if I've said it once, I've said it too much, "This June was not as cold as June 2011"  These ripe raspberries are proving me right. (Until they prove me wrong and we end up at the same or later opening date).  But there is no way we were snacking on raspberries on Canada Day  last year.  In fact, I clearly remember being freezing cold  watching the parade on 5th St.   Yes, last year very COLD, this year very warm.  Thank you raspberries for reminding me of that!!  July 10th.  I'll throw that random date out there.  Raspberries ready for picking July 10th.   Until then, it's all strawberries...