If you are coming to pick raspberries tomorrow, you are in for some great picking.  Loads of ripe rapsberries. U-pick $2.50/lb.

We  are open  Monday, July 16 at 9am and all going well, we should be open Monday to Friday.  If you work and can't come during the day, phone for a late afternoon/evening appointment.

No strawberries for the time being. I don't anticipate there will be any this week.  Mid-August is when they will start really producing again.

Happy Monday morning to you all!





Friday, July 13th and we will be open from 9am to 3pm for strawberry and raspberry picking.  Get a good start to your weekend and plan some berry feasting which could involve extra special waffles with fresh berries and cream or maybe berry crisp to eat as the sun goes down.

The raspberry picking is great. The berries are BIG!  The strawberry picking is fine.  Both June-bearing  and ever-bearing strawberries are producing.  Some are big and some are small and everything in between.

See you in the field!

Checking to see that the raspberries are still ripening in the cool of the evening is a pretty excellent task. The house FINALLY quiet and a little weeding, a lot of sampling, the setting sun as the back drop.  A lovely way to end the day.  And so about the ripening...  They are indeed and we will be open ThursdayJune 12th from 9am to noon. Come early for cooler picking.

The strawberries are limited and will be until August.  But there are some and you are welcome to pick.  The choice variety is now ripening and although small, they are sweet.

See you tomorrow!


It's been a busy couple of days of picking in the field and we are sorry to report that we will be closed for ripening Wednesday, July 11.  Please check again for an update on Thursday.  The warm weather is doing wonders for the raspberries and more and more are coming into production each day.  We are getting closer to the raspberry bonanza.

The ever-bearing strawberries have hit their stall. This is the mode they get into in the heat of July where they plug along throughout the month until...Until! they enter full production in August and September. We anticipate picking will be limited in the strawberry patch for the next few weeks but stay tuned for ever changing and surprizing updates (!)

We look forward to seeing you later in the week. Happy Wednesday and enjoy the lovely warm day.

They are ripe and there are lots of them.  Oh yes, and they are very delish!  Breakfast just got a whole lot better.

We are open Tuesday, July 10 at 9am until the last customer leaves.  But come early to beat the heat.

Raspberries and Strawberries are $2.50/lb Don't forget about the strawberries. The June-bearing strawberries are still producing well.


And just because his birthday was featured last year at this time, (and because maybe his relatives from afar are checking out these berries posts), we bring you once again, the birthday Everett...





























The 5 yr. old, his Winnie-the-Pooh cake, and a very bad camera setting.


It was an eventful weekend here at Windhover Farm.  The littlest boy on the farm turned 5 complete with Winnie-the Pooh cake and a trip to the beach.  The bears arrived at our creek to feast on the wild cherries keeping True busy as she barked them away. We listened to the  beautiful and distinctive voice of Emmylou Harris, from our beds.  But the biggest news is that the berries turned red!

We will be Open at 9am for both strawberry and raspberry picking Monday to Friday this week. Lots of strawberries out there.  The raspberries are limited as these are early days for them and only half of the rows are ripe at this point.  Monday is not the day to come for that big picking haul of the season.  But there are plenty of reds ones out there. Tasting the first raspberries of the season is pretty much pure DELIGHT and worth a trip to the farm for that bucket full. There has been much excitement over the past week here as we sample the ripening raspberry crop.

We look forward to seeing you on the farm this week.  Bring you buckets and your hat and we'll meet you in the field!

Strawberries are $2.50/lb

Raspberries are $2.50/lb