We are open at 9am Monday through Saturday this week.  We usually close when the last picker leaves.  This is often 3pm.  Call if you need to come later.

Raspberries $2.50/lb. Still loads of them. Another couple of weeks of picking.

Blueberries $2.00/lb. Starting to look ALL blue in the field. Great picking.

Strawberries $2.50/lb are making their return after their leave in July.  Easy picking and they will continue to get better when August arrives.  (Like in a couple of days).














































blueberry picking at Windhover Farm this day, Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 9am.

Let the blueberry picking begin!

It's already going to be great.  Lots of blueberries to go along with the still amazing amounts of raspberries.  You can pick buckets of Olympic portions. There is that many!

You'll be relieved to know we don't have a tv and I'll be quite in the dark these games so the Olympic metaphors can stop at this post . Although we are cheering for our local Olympians.  Our motto for the summer games,"Cheer local, Buy local"  followed closely by, "Bring home the GOLD, Bring home the BERRIES".  I'm done. For now.

We will be open Thursday through Saturday at 9am this week.  We hope to see you.


If raspberry picking was great last week,  it is now super-great!  You won't be disappointed.  We are open Tuesday, July 24 at 9am. $2.50/lb

Blueberries not quite there...

On another berry related note. Everything you never wanted to know about the why and how we came to do what you seeing us doing here at Windhover Farm.  The Ministry of Agriculture visited us last August to shoot a video for their website featuring new farm start-ups.  The video is hence focussed on the how and why we started farming.  If we don't talk enough while you are here, you can hear more of us yakking away at the following link.

Windhover Farm video


We will be open Monday, July 23 at 9am for raspberry picking.  Will be excellent picking whatever the weather.

Blueberries are oh so close.  A couple of days of sunshine and the picking will begin.  For sure before the summer Olympics begin. Most certainly you'll be picking blueberries before the games begin.  On that note, we'll look forward to seeing you for raspberry picking early this week!



We will be open Friday, July 20 from 9am to 12pm. It is looking red out there in the raspberries so should be a fine day for picking.  The raspberries do have at least 3 more weeks of production so there is plenty of time to pick your haul.  Just letting you know, loads of green berries out there too.  We will have to see what tomorrow brings before we know if we will open Saturday.  Thanks for your patience.  Most definitely we will be closed Sunday and open Monday morning.

Raspberries are $2.50/lb.

We do not use pesticides on our berries.  As you walk the farm, our growing practices our evident by the tremendous amount of weeds threatening to takeover the farm. Although we are crazy, happy weeders, weeds are plentiful. We use herbicides extremely sparingly, if at all. Our kids free range in the berries.  Some day I will write a wee bit about our growing practices in our products page but that's them in a nutshell.

As I tend to ALWAYS be verbose. Here are some photos to zip me up.  A little tour of the farm....

Beginning with the rapsberries

The blueberries as of 6pm today





























The strawberries














The biodiversity patch ie. weeds














The boy, the dog, more weeds





























It's late. To be continued next time.

Closed Thursday  for laundry.  And because the field was well-picked by expert pickers today.  The raspberries need at least a day, if not two, to ripen. I will update tomorrow whether we will open Friday. Stay tuned.

Yes, I'll be spending the day getting berry stains out of shirts. You'd think I'd know how by now.  Hopefully I'll also be responding to the kiddos with something other than "not now".

Our keenest blueberry gal went out first thing yesterday to continue her search for a ripe blueberry. She returned to the house victorious  with the tale of her berry breakfast.  This sent the boy contingent flying out to the blueberries.  They returned to confirm her findings.  They are turning blue!  (Very exciting for us as we finished our last bag of frozen blueberries at least a week ago (!) I can only make a guess as to when we open for blueberry picking. Possibly next week?  If you were at the the farm the last couple of days you will have certainly had Patti tell you that the blueberries are ripe and that  "there at least  four ripe berries on each bush".  That makes for 2200 ripe berries already! It's just a matter of sun.

It's turning out to be a great berry year and we look forward to more berries and more of you all.