Yes, I know, it is 2 months into the year but I'm just coming out of hibernation.  I'm poking my head in here to say hello and get myself off the couch to take a look outside.  I'm back inside.  It's still kind of looking like winter out there. There is still some fireside time yet and a few more books to read.  But I have spotted yellow; yellow dandelions, yellow crocuses and before we know it, the valley will be ablaze in yellow daffodils.


With one month of winter to go, some of you may be anxious for some fruit besides apples, oranges and bananas.  We have these for sale.


Frozen in 5lb bags but delicious none-the-less.  A bite of summer in late winter is wonderful.

I find that a mouthful of blueberries makes the winter blues disappear. Really.

Our crazy hens are still laying up a storm even in the rain and the rain.  We have a good supply and a good price at $4/dozen.

Stop by for berries, eggs or pastured chicken, it'd be great to see you.

Happy March-ing towards spring.