We started Christmas way back at Halloween when we dressed up a Rudolph and a Santa Claus for trick or treating but none-the-less, Christmas came upon us pretty quickly.

We hope your Christmas preparations are going well.  One of the best parts of the season is good food. And here's where we can help!  If you're not feeding a crowd, a pastured chicken is a great alternative to turkey. Our frozen chickens weigh approximately 7 lbs each.  We sell them for $4/lb.

Maybe you're not crazy like me and finding ways to throw berries into Christmas baking. However, frozen blueberries are a pretty addition to a winter fruit salad or a green salad.  We still have blueberries available in 5lb bags.

Our hens are taking their own kind of holiday and laying far less. Unfortunately when egg demand goes up, supply goes down.  We are not the place to come for eggs this month.

So we can't help you out with last minute stocking stuffers but do come by for local food to add to your holiday table.

Enjoy these shortening days.