Phew. Halloween is over. Back to pumpkins as food rather than decor.

There are still squash and pumpkins in the wagon for purchase. If you have freezer space, put the cooked up pumpkin or squash in a ziplock and freeze for soups, muffins and other goodies to bake throughout the winter. Nobody around here frowns at fresh pumpkin loaves, warm out of the oven.

November feels like a race around here as winter is coming fast; putting by, putting in, putting up.... piling up firewood, tying up raspberry canes, mulching the garden, winterizing the chicken coops, and a real race to put siding on too many unsided sides of sheds (say that 10 times fast!) And the leaves. The heck with the leaves. They look pretty on the grass----and in the eaves and on the porch and in the house. They literally take us over.

Really, the real race is to get to December when the R word, REST, comes into play. I don't think I've ever put December and rest in the same sentence. What am I thinking? I am thinking of a book and a couch and some hot chocolate which is what January is all about. Hurray for January.

For your eating pleasure:

Frozen pastured chicken is $4/lb

Frozen blueberries--a 5 lb. bag is $15.00

Pastured eggs are $4/dz

For the colour in the fall, blueberries plants are my favourite.

The chickens still finding and eating red strawberries.