Due to the web site being down, this end of season post was delayed. (But you all seem to have read the weather and know that berry season is over!) Fittingly, the last day we were open was the first day of Fall. What an entry Fall made, tossing summer out with a vengeance.

We will miss summer. Although brief, it was a great berry summer. Thank you all for making our third season the best ever. We enjoyed seeing you again and meeting others for the first time. Each of you give purpose to what we do out in the field all year. And make it fun too! We are grateful to you for visiting the farm, being cheerful, patient and supporting local agriculture.

The numbers that matter most to us this year are the zero sums:
0 bears eating the berries
0 cheerless customers
0 wasp stings

Always the entrepreneurs, we'll continue to push our wares during the winter. If you find yourself eating yourself out of blueberries, we are selling 5lb. bags of frozen blueberries for $15.

We now have a steady supply of pastured eggs selling for $4/dozen.

We have frozen pastured chicken for $4/lb. Most of the chickens are 7 to 8 lbs.

And pumpkins and squash for your autumn celebrations. Many varieties, sizes and colours. Large pumpkins and squash $5 each, smaller ones $3.50.

Call the farm at 338-7750 to shop.

I may miss this little corner of the web so I may post periodically throughout the off-season---never at a loss for words, I'll come up with content. I won't promise it will be of interest (!) There are some beautiful pumpkins out there that will surely make it into a post.

One little guy is sad to say goodbye (and tuckered out). It's a while yet before we hunker down on the couch with books but those days will come.

Happy autumn!