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Just in time for blueberry season, our website woes are over and website back to squeaky clean. Thank you for your patience with us. As we're now out of the website habit, it will continue to be best to check our "Windhover Farm" Facebook Page for daily updates. However, we'll try to get this web wheel rolling again too.

We're in the middle of Blueberry U-pick season. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30am to noon. $2.25/lb. Please bring containers and cash. No toilet on site. No pre-picked available.

Strawberry season should start back up in a few weeks. There will strawberry U-pick in August and early September. No pre-picked for sale.

Our Raspberry canes have mostly succumb to a disease. We are picking the bounty of the few remaining canes. We will be selling pre-picked Raspberries at the Saturday Farmer's Market while they last. Or check Facebook to see if we have any for sale at the farm on U-pick day.

We also have Roasting Chicken and Free Range Eggs for sale at the farm on U-pick days.

Questions? Don't hesitate to email us at

June around these parts means June-bearing strawberries! As posted yesterday, our 2018 harvest is limited. We will be selling pre-picked strawberries by order only. For now. Please email to place your order. We will respond and once the berries are ripe, set up a pick-up time that works for you. Easy? Hopefully!

We apologize that we have no ever-bearing strawberries this year. We did plant up thousands of June-bearers this spring. That means we're ready and set for a big harvest in 2019. In the mean time, "bear" with us this strawberry season. We WILL get back what the infamous winter of 2017 took.

If you made it to the site, well done. We seem to be be experiencing security issues. The site was cleaned a we pay monthly to keep it secure. As I try to figure it out, if you have access to Facebook, that may be more dependable for updates. FB has blocked me from linking to this website. Please keep checking us out when you can. And tell your people.

Now go get June started!

Well hello there and happy 2018 as we near the second half it. We are more than overdue for a farm update. Spring is always ultra busy in the field but I've missed this space and look forward to almost daily updates once the berry season starts.

There is lots to report farm wise but I will leave that for later in the week. For now, you need a quick strawberry update as '''tis the season!

Still recovering from the winter of 2016/17 which severely damaged all our berry crops, we decided to rip out all our ever-bearing strawberries and rework/build the soil. We've been planting June-bearing strawberries all month but they will not produce until 2019. That leaves us with the five rows of June strawberries we planted last May. In the scheme of acres of berries, this is a very small amount. Due to the limited amount, we will likely not offer U-pick this year. We will sell them pre-picked. Keep checking back here for updates and on Facebook in the off chance that we can't keep up with the picking and we open for U-pick.

If you would like to order strawberries, please email to place your order. They are $4.75/lb pre-picked. The strawberries are not ripe yet and still flowering so we are at least a couple weeks away from harvest. Stay tuned here for updates as the harvest nears.

We will update you on raspberries and blueberries as their seasons get near.

Know we're still out here doing what we do. We highly value our customers, your support and look forward to seeing you this 2018 berry season---although it will be a different sort of season. Thank you for paying attention here as we "read" the harvest and make an effort to give you a delicious, local berry experience.

Strawberry season is coming to an end and because of that I hate not to open Saturday---so we will!  But only for a couple of hours.    9am to 11am Saturday.

It is late season picking which means that although the strawberries are plentiful, some of the berries are rain or bug damaged. (I picked 7lbs in 30 minutes(!!) and was culling while I picked)

So I'll be here from 9am to 11am if you want to pick late September jewels.  We will try to open one day next week if the weather holds and the strawberries keep.  Because strawberries in the Fall--yippee!

Open Thursday 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

It will be the good picking that the late season strawberry patch always provides.

Celebrate the first day of fall with a big bucket of fresh berries!

A Saturday opening will be decided Friday. Check back for an update.

Happy last day of summer!

Strawberry fields forever.....

Or at least until the end of this week.  Last days of summer means last days of strawberries. This will surely be the last week of U-pick.

Open Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to noon.   We'll hopefully open Saturday if we aren't picked out.  Check back here on Friday.

Come and pick and make the most of easy to pick late season strawberries.  Late season strawberries are bigger and better than their early season sistas!

Hope to see you rain or shine.

Bring containers and cash.

Roasting chickens and pasture-raised eggs for sale also.


We were picked out of strawberries today so we will be closed Saturday.

Next open day is Tuesday, September 19th.

We hope to fit 3 more open days in before the end of the season.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Open Friday 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

Big, sweet, easy to pick strawberries out there!

Bring containers and cash.

Hoping to open Saturday but we'll see if the patch gets picked out Friday or not. Please check back here for an update on Friday.

Roasting chickens and pastured raised eggs for sale too.